Open Marketing Surgery in Totnes

Recently I’ve had a few requests from people who’d like some help with their marketing. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to help as I’ve been pretty occupied with my new business. However, I had such a good time at the last Healers Konnect when I was the “guest” that I’ve wanted to offer something that is low cost and effective. So I’d like to introduce you to the Open Marketing Surgery. Another hybrid idea of mine – part workshop, part 1:1, part group, and let’s throw in, part networking 😉 This is for small business owners, healers or therapists who need some help with any aspect of marketing. What is…

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Healers Konnect in July with Samjhana Moon

On Friday 1st July from 1-3pm we have Healers Konnect with Samjhana Moon, visionary photographer and Inner Seasons mentor, as our guest at the Natural Health Centre. Samjhana will be doing a live demonstration of how to look good in photos. It will be a lot of fun and especially great for anyone who is camera shy. (Ahem! Who me?!) She’ll be talking about: The top mistakes people make when posing for a photo How to work with available (natural) light to make better portraits on your smart phone How to overcome camera shyness and show up authentically in your photos How to show up with magnetic presence in your photos…

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June’s Healer’s Konnect is cancelled

Healers Konnect

When I booked all the dates for Healers Konnect this year I made them all during term time (or so I thought). This Friday is the end of half term week and consequently so many people can’t make it that Charlie and I have decided to cancel it. He will come along to one of the dates after the summer instead. It’ll be a good one as he’s offered to help tweak your graphics and branding, plus he’s got a great offer to all the Konnectors. You’ll have to come along to that one to find out what 🙂 See you in July when Samjhana Moon will be our special guest. Can’t…

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Healers Konnect with Martin Foster of Reconnect magazine, February 2016

Healers Konnect February 2016

Martin Foster the editor and publisher of Reconnect magazine had been one of the first people I’d told when I had the idea for Healers Konnect. He was very encouraging about it and agreed to be my first Q&A session guest. I was pleased with the turn out. This month we had 20 booked in and 14 arrived. [Did you spot the name labels? I remembered them this month!] Both Martin and I had been cautious about promoting it after the experience I had last month and so this felt like a good sized group. There’s always some uncertainty when you’re doing an event of any size, and as this is…

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The Beginning of the Healers Konnect Journey Jan 2016 – The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful

Healers Konnect Jan 2016

The idea for Healers Connect (it was a C before a K) came to me earlier in 2015 but I will describe the journey and lessons learnt from the basic idea to launch. Step 1: PREPARATIONS During the summer I decided to transition my own work into just working with healers and therapists. September The idea for Healers Konnect formed over some time. I was already doing a free Marketing Club at the Reconomy Centre and as I believe in giving first I wanted to create a similar offering but focused on healers and therapists. To help me clarify what I wanted to do in my paid and free work…

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