What I didn’t do at the LEF: My “Big Dream” for Authentic Marketing

Karen Hunt’s Authentic Marketing table at the LEF 2015

On Thursday I start the new transformational marketing workshop series with: Foundations, part 1: What is your mission and vision? [YOU + US]. Many people think they’re clear on why they start their business but how often do they think about how to use that information in their marketing? Not much! The WHY of your business should be at the heart of your marketing. Why? Because it’s part of what makes you and your business unique. You’ve heard of your USP or Unique Selling Proposition, I’m sure. Well your story can be part of that. It’s also what helps you keep going when times are tough. Let’s face it, although business…

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Transformational Marketing Workshop Series

Transformational Marketing Workshops

You know how sometimes you just want someone to tell you what to do and how to do it so you can get the customers or clients you want? Well, watch out for anyone who promises to do the marketing for you. Many elements can be outsourced, of course, but first you have to know what it is you are really in business for. What is your WHY? It’s the foundation you need to build your marketing on and the only person who can really tell you is YOU. But just because the WHY is down to you, doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Having a guide and…

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Word of Mouth Marketing – focus for April’s Marketing Club

Word of Mouth

I’ve written before about Word of Mouth marketing; you can read more about the dangers of relying on it here. This month at the Marketing Club we’re going to tackle Word of Mouth marketing. We all love getting business this way, so let’s focus on it so we get better at it! In a nutshell, you first need to target the right people and ‘craft’ your message to your audience. Your audience could be friends, family, acquaintances, clients, customers, colleagues, influencers or collaborators. You need to really know who they are; where they hang out; what they want and make it easy and desirable for them to refer you and…

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How to get more clients and customers

In preparation for the Marketing Club this week, I sat down and brainstormed a few ideas on our topic: How to get more clients and customers. Here’s what I came up with. speak for free at an event contact someone you admire with a related business and see if you can brainstorm ideas – maybe you can do something together? create something for free and give it away email list – build the list! contact everyone you know and remind them what you do – who you serve, why you do it and what the results are (use your elevator pitch!) contact past clients for testimonials – reminds them who you…

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Do this 1 thing to beat that ‘yucky’ feeling

Yucky selling!

I know, you hate selling! But, your business isn’t a business unless you focus on sales. Selling what you do shouldn’t feel ‘yucky’! What you do is good. You’re good at it and you’re benefitting others aren’t you? You’re not overcharging and under-delivering, so you need to shift your mind set. And remember, you don’t have to ‘sell’. If you use authentic, truthful marketing then sales are a natural consequence of that. So what is this 1 thing you can do so you’ll never feel ‘yucky’ about selling again? Create your mission, write it down and put it somewhere prominent. Read it, with feeling(!), every day, especially when you start…

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