A new chapter for Healers Konnect

After the success of last months Healers Konnect and my own need to focus on my new business, Calin Bleu baby slings and Napsack baby carriers, I’m handing the reins of Healers Konnect over to someone who couldn’t be more qualified to take it over if she tried!

Donna Nunn will be taking on the leadership and business facilitation/coaching of Healers Konnect that I founded in January this year. She will be running it with my help every month until December at the Natural Health Centre, Totnes as the dates have been set all year. After that, you will have to wait and see what’s to come!

I’m sure you want to know a bit more about Donna and there’s a lot to learn so here goes.

Donna has focused on integrating and combining successful business practices with holistic philosophies and spiritual factors throughout her entire career.

She practiced medicine clinically as a Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Specialist; 4 years Critical Care and 4+ years Industrial Injury Care in the USA.  She then began to transition out of health care by managing a clinic for almost 2 years; finally becoming General Manager of the Natural Learning Center where she focused on training, team building, and conflict resolution for both health care practitioners and business people.

By taking what she knew about medicine, brain function, performance improvement, business, marketing, process improvement and problem-solving she transitioned into self-employment providing coaching, training and consulting over the past 20 years.

Her clients have included; Exotec Precision, Lloyds Bank (in London & Bristol), Kraft Foods, Mondelez, Boeing and BIBIC (British Institute of Brain Injured Children) and AgustaWestland Helicopters, to name a few.

She has taught Business, Management, Public Speaking & Marketing courses as a practitioner at several colleges, Seattle University, Sonoma College, University of Washington Training & Development, American Institute of Management, American Institute of Banking and Exeter University.

She was one of a core group of women business owners in Seattle who worked with start-up businesses and on the board of a women’s bank they founded. She wrote & presented a 13 part TV show on turning your hobbies into a home based business in Seattle and has spoken on numerous radio programs and lectured to groups of up to 7000 people in San Francisco and all over the USA and Canada.

Blending business and spirituality she founded the Women’s Business Exchange in Seattle

She also teaches Cross-Cultural Healing on the 4 Fold Way, Astrology, Egyptian Hieroglyphs (Basic) and served as a Spiritual Healer for 10 years while in Seattle.

She has served on several business and non-profit boards for organisations

Canadian born, Donna studied Medicine and Business at the University of Washington in Seattle where she was awarded as One of 15 ‘Women in America Who Makes a Difference’ by the Minorities and Women in Business Magazine.

So as you can see Donna has a truly amazing background and is sure to help you overcome your business blocks so that you can find an authentic and integrated approach to building your business whilst you do the work you love.

The next Healers Konnect is Friday 7th October, 1-3pm at the Natural Health Centre, Totnes. Donna and I look forward to seeing you there 🙂

Eventbrite - Healers Konnect, Natural Health Centre, Totnes, Oct 7th 2016

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Karen Hunt

Creator of the Transformational Marketing Method, How to Get More Clients and Healers Konnect, the unique business club for healers and therapists, based in Totnes, Devon, UK

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