Word of Mouth Marketing – focus for April’s Marketing Club

Word of Mouth

I’ve written before about Word of Mouth marketing; you can read more about the dangers of relying on it here.

This month at the Marketing Club we’re going to tackle Word of Mouth marketing. We all love getting business this way, so let’s focus on it so we get better at it!

In a nutshell, you first need to target the right people and ‘craft’ your message to your audience.

Your audience could be friends, family, acquaintances, clients, customers, colleagues, influencers or collaborators.

You need to really know who they are; where they hang out; what they want and make it easy and desirable for them to refer you and your product or service to your ideal clients or customers.

So, how are some ways you could do that?

Let’s start with easy peasy email!

I recommend my clients email their contact list and ask for referrals. Note that you can do this whether you have any customers or clients yet or not!

You have friends you could write to, so don’t think it doesn’t apply to you if you’re just starting out in your business, because you’re not just starting out in life 😉

Work with what you’ve got

An email template that helps you get more referrals from your existing contacts

Hi [first name]

Step 1 {First connect in a personal, meaningful way}

I thought of you the other day when I saw this
[insert useful, entertaining or otherwise relevant resource here e.g. video, website link, blog post]

Step 2 {Tell them what you want and why}

You know how much [insert what you do here] means to me. I believe that by helping [the types of people/businesses/organisations you work with] with [insert what problem you solve, mission you serve] I’m really making a difference [in their lives/business; family; community; country; world].

Step 3 {Remind them why you do what you do}

I started this work when/because… [Share your personal story/journey which has led you to do what you do.]

This is why I’m so passionate about this work and I want to help more people, so if you could help me to do that I’d be so grateful!

Step 4 {Ask them to refer}

Do you know any [your ideal client description] who are suffering with [problem you solve]? If you can think of one or two people could you tell them about [work you do].

I’ve written an email that you could just edit and send to them to make it super easy for you. If you cc me in the email I’ll reply directly to them if they want to ask any questions.

**** You may want to offer an incentive for them and their friends here****

Step 5 {Thanks and goodbye}

If you offer a 1:1 service like I do, you may want to include a freebie like a free 30 minute discovery session.

If you sell physical products is there something you can offer like a free product, sample or discount? Depending on your ideal client, you may need to be careful with financial incentives as they can backfire!

Think of Win-Win-Win scenarios so it’s good for you – you get a new lead and hopefully client/customer; good for your contact – they get a reward; and good for your potential client/customer – they get a valuable and useful freebie.

What next?

Well, now you have to craft the email that your contact can edit and forward on.

What do you think should go in that email?

Let’s discuss that at the Marketing Club or in the comments!

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