What I didn’t do at the LEF: My “Big Dream” for Authentic Marketing

Karen Hunt’s Authentic Marketing table at the LEF 2015

On Thursday I start the new transformational marketing workshop series with: Foundations, part 1: What is your mission and vision? [YOU + US].

Many people think they’re clear on why they start their business but how often do they think about how to use that information in their marketing?

Not much!

The WHY of your business should be at the heart of your marketing.


Because it’s part of what makes you and your business unique. You’ve heard of your USP or Unique Selling Proposition, I’m sure.

Well your story can be part of that.

It’s also what helps you keep going when times are tough.

Let’s face it, although business is fun it can also be extremely challenging and it’s good to have that reminder of the WHY to help motivate you when you need it.

At last month’s Local Entrepreneur Forum in Totnes I ran a table on Authentic Marketing. I was encouraged to see lots of people join me and discuss the topic.

One of the tasks that we could have done but didn’t was to create our “Big Dream” for Authentic Marketing.

We didn’t do this because we focused on people’s own marketing challenges and on tasks that they would do after the event to help them move their businesses forwards.

As I don’t like unfinished business, I thought I’d fill in the blanks and at least write about my “Vision” or “Big Dream” for Authentic Marketing.

Authentic Marketing – My Vision

“I believe that marketing can be a force for good. It’s been misused in the past and continues to be misused, in my opinion, by large corporations because they mislead us by advertising products and services that promise good, when actually they do harm. They harm us as individuals, collectively as a society and they harm our home, the earth.”

 “I believe that you are a good person, have valuable skills, talents, experience and wisdom that if shared with as many people as you’d like, would do you, your clients and the world good. Therefore learning how to market yourself in a way that feels authentic to you is important, necessary and good.”

“I believe that most people are good, honest people that enjoy supporting other good, honest people to do the work they are born to do and love to do.”

“I believe that if you can transform your negative attitude about marketing you can help to not only heal yourself, but serve more clients and make a bigger contribution to heal the world.”

“I believe that the work you do is good and important work and deserves to be experienced by more people.”

“I believe that you can create an abundance of ideal clients or customers to fill your time and satisfy your soul.”

“I believe that you can earn an income and a living from the work you do, if you learn to appreciate how marketing can be a force for good.”

“I believe that Authentic Marketing can simply fulfil the purpose of communicating your offering to the right people at the right time in a way that creates a WIN/WIN/WIN situation for you, your client and the world.”

Want to craft a vision for your business?

Then join me and other like-minded small business owners at these transformational marketing workshops.

Karen Hunt's Transformational marketing workshops featured in Reconnect magazine June/July 2015

As featured in Reconnect magazine June/July 2015

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