The Beginning of the Healers Konnect Journey Jan 2016 – The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful

Healers Konnect Jan 2016

The idea for Healers Connect (it was a C before a K) came to me earlier in 2015 but I will describe the journey and lessons learnt from the basic idea to launch.


During the summer I decided to transition my own work into just working with healers and therapists.


The idea for Healers Konnect formed over some time. I was already doing a free Marketing Club at the Reconomy Centre and as I believe in giving first I wanted to create a similar offering but focused on healers and therapists.

To help me clarify what I wanted to do in my paid and free work and to give me the support I wanted I met with a business coach, formed a mastermind group and joined a group marketing coaching programme.

Reconnect magazine articleI contacted the Natural Health Centre and booked the dates for 2016.

Then I approached a few people to be guests and sketched out the format of the events with help from Martin Foster, editor of Reconnect magazine.

He also agreed to come along in February as my guest and put in a small article for me in the Dec/Jan issue.

At that point I just wanted to make sure something went into the magazine even though I hadn’t got any more details than the ‘when’ and ‘where’ and the basic idea in place.

I didn’t know how many people I’d be able to accommodate or how I’d book people in yet so there was no mention of how to do that (BIG MISTAKE)!

Moving houseI also moved house during Halloween weekend just before the print deadline so there was a lot going on!


As part of my own marketing journey I held a full moon ceremony, a letting go of that which no longer serves me.

It was a powerful experience for me and the next morning I had very clear ideas about how to start Healers Konnect – with an opening and closing ceremony.

I contacted Kate Reed, from Alters for Change, who agreed to help me create this.

We met soon afterwards for a cup of tea and both flowed with ideas. She interpreted what I wanted to achieve and it felt like magic.

We were both really excited about it and agreed to meet again after each of us spent some time reflecting on what we’d discussed.

Meanwhile I asked a wonderfully talented friend, Saif Ali, to do the logo – a play on the new one he’d done for me earlier in the year which I hadn’t yet switched over to (hence the switch to K for Connect).

Karen Hunt and Healers Konnect logosDecember

I had the logo and it was time to get the flyer created.

I kept delaying doing it because I was still going through my own process, creating what I wanted to do and I didn’t feel I fully knew what Healers Konnect was yet.

I’ll be honest – I felt pressure to get the messaging right – I am in marketing after all!

I contacted a lovely graphic designer I know, Jane Knight, of Karuna Design to see if she’d like to create the flyer for me. She agreed but I still wasn’t able to send her the text for it yet.

Eventually I managed to get the wording together and sent it to her. She came up with a lovely design but I’d supplied far too much text and I knew it.

Healers Konnect flyer by Jane

I had to rethink.

She was pushed for time as it was getting close to Christmas and I was starting to worry that no-one would come as I’d left it so late to promote it.

Not wanting to put pressure on Jane, I realised I’d have to do it myself.

GrandadThen my Grandad died.

It wasn’t a huge shock, he was in his nineties and when I’d visited him in the summer I really felt that was the last time I’d get to see him but still, death has a habit of hitting you and affecting you in many ways and it did with me then.

It slowed me right down.

Got me to pause on my own path.

Changed me in many ways.

As soon as the funeral was set – 23rd Dec, I made my arrangements – kittens looked after, dog, children, time off work etc to travel up to Essex for the funeral.

I redid the wording for the flyer, designed it, ordered the flyers, made the Eventbrite page, sent an email out to my email list and published a blog post about Healers Konnect.

We drove back after the funeral and wake and got back safely that night – the night before Christmas Eve  and the flyers were ready and waiting for me.

Healers KonnectI went into Totnes on Christmas Eve to do some last minute shopping for Christmas, collect my veg box, pick up a book order and hoped to leave my flyers at the Natural Health Centre.

Unfortunately I discovered that they were closed over Christmas and reopened on Monday 4th January – 4 days before the event!

I contacted Kate again and we arranged to meet between Christmas and New Year.

I think it’s fair to say that we both felt a little disconnected since our previous meeting.

A lot had happened since we last met but we were soon able to get over that and finalise our plans for the inaugural Healers Konnect session.

She took some flyers and I also put a couple up around town.

On 30th December I posted on Facebook, Twitter and sent out emails to a few local contacts asking them to share with anyone they thought might be interested.
Registrations: 5


1st – 3rd Jan
I was delighted that people were booking and happy at the prospect that it wouldn’t be an embarrassingly small turnout – not ideal for a marketing person 😉
Registrations: 5 – 8

Monday 4th
I went in to the Centre first thing on Monday 4th January.

I saw the room again, put out the flyers and arranged to meet Kate there on Wednesday afternoon – 2 days before the event.

I sent out another email to my list, this time I chose to send to a specific segment – those I considered to be local healers and therapists or closely connected to them.
Registrations: 8 -11

Tuesday 5th
Originally I’d hoped for 12, though I’d have been happy at 8 registrations.

I got there, so I activated the wait list.

The registrations and enquiries kept coming in though so I thought I’d up the number to 16.

I got there too. I was pleased but slightly surprised bearing in mind I’d not done very much promotion.
Registrations: 11 – 16

Wednesday 6th
A busy day with several back to back meetings including meeting Kate at the Centre.

Our intention was to rehearse what we we going to do but we really just focused on the room and logistics of what we were planning, bearing in mind we had more than the expected handful of bookings by this time.

Email to registrants sent to say it was full – from 12 – 16. Later I decided to open up to 18.
Registrations: 16 – 18

Thursday 7th
Another very busy day with no time for reflection, or to write out or practice my introduction for Healers Konnect.

Unfortunately I developed a migraine.

I’m pretty good at managing myself and my self-care these days but this time I’d put in too much ‘doing’, and not enough ‘being’, and so this was the result.
Registrations: 18 – 21

Friday 8th: D-DAY!
Migraine not gone but more enquiries came in about the event that afternoon.

My youngest daughter was also unwell, but I couldn’t care for her and myself and I couldn’t cancel Healers Konnect now!

Time to soldier on…

I did what I could in the morning to reduce the migraine.

It wasn’t gone by the time I left home, but wasn’t too bad. I knew I could get through the day and collapse later if needed!

FloodingAll sorts of things had been going ‘wrong’ over the last few days, from flooding outside my house, to the boiler packing in and more.

Let’s just call them ‘obstacles’.

I know I’m on the right path when they show up so I just keep going.

Consequently I had to go shower somewhere else that morning as I had no hot water, and apart from keeping you clean(!) a hot shower can really help alleviate a migraine.

Rushing around to try and relax isn’t usually effective, and it certainly wasn’t for this day either!

So after showering and dressing I went into Totnes and parked the car.

Unfortunately I needed the car to be there for longer than 3 hours, but I hadn’t realised I couldn’t get a 4 hour ticket.

I had stuff to carry in to the Centre so I decided to get a 1 hour ticket, do my last minute things for the event – buy candles, notepaper and pens and drop in some lunch money for my eldest daughter (which I’d forgotten to give her earlier that day) and then sort out the car later.

I felt that things were finally starting to go well.

I got what I needed, dropped in money to my daughter and picked up some soup to have for lunch.

I saw someone I knew while I was waiting for my soup so we were chatting for a while.

I was still waiting for the soup, worrying I was running out of time to meet Kate when I saw it had been waiting for me! I made my apologies and dashed out of there, taking a few sips as I went.

Being hungry is not a good idea when you have a migraine either!

I went straight to the Centre, without picking up the rest of my things from the car, and started setting up.

Kate was surprised we’d had so many bookings and we were trying to figure out how to accommodate more people and how to alter the plans.

I left her to set up the chairs and I went back to the car to get the baskets we needed and to get a new car park ticket.

When I got back there were people waiting in reception.

People who hadn’t booked.


More people were asking to go in too, people from the Centre. They weren’t aware they had to book.

Some people told me that the article in Reconnect said nothing about having to book, others said the Centre didn’t tell them they had to book.

It was all true.

I really hadn’t expected it would be a problem to have people turn up without booking originally. It’s better for me if they do, but having more people than the room can handle really didn’t seem a likely scenario at all!

I found out that there were people not just from Totnes, but from Exeter and Torquay who’d come specifically to the event after reading about it in Reconnect magazine.

That tiny article that I wrote when Healers Konnect was still in its infancy and I was just about to move house – months ago.

I knew I’d hit on something with Healers Konnect. I thought it would meet a need, but that need was bigger than I’d expected because by all accounts I shouldn’t have had so many people show up with what I consider to be minimal promotion.


So it was coming up to 1pm and the reception area was filling up.

I spoke to Kate and we agreed I’d leave her to set up and I’d bring people up after checking them off the list (or as it turns out add them to the list if we had room).

It started to get crowded downstairs and I did my best to check people in and speak to those who hadn’t booked and wanted to join in.

It was tricky for me to deal with especially as an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person – thank you Mel Collins for helping me identify that!) and managing a migraine too.

Originally I had planned to bring sticky labels so that everyone had a name tag but I forgot those unfortunately.

I tried to head count and when a couple of people didn’t show up soon after 1pm I let a few people come up and we’d see if we could fit them in. Other people who arrived without booking had already left as they could see how busy it was.

None of this was ideal as Kate and I had envisioned an intimate group with which to do a visualisation, pair work and group sharing. We had to cut out and cut down some of what we’d planned. We were also going to have the break far later than planned too.

We had arranged the room with chairs making a (very!) large circle, though now it was more like a ellipse than a circle.

We were fortunate that a couple of people made spaces for us to get in and out of the circle and we were able to add 2 more to the group but no more.

So with 22 people seated, plus Kate and I we began.

I thanked everyone for coming, apologised for the rather chaotic beginning and late start and explained the purpose and ethos of Healers Konnect.

I’d love to recount what I said but I don’t recall – it was said from the heart and of the moment. What I can do is share the plan of how Kate and I had intended to run the gathering.

Healers Konnect ritual

Did it go to plan?


However, we did run through most things, in this order, though Kate simplified the visualisation of our future selves due to time constraints.

For the pair work we had a few pairs use the kitchen room which I was told by the Centre manager we could use too.

This proved a little tricky sometimes when other members of the Centre wanted to come in and use the room to eat lunch or wash up their tea and coffee cups though!

I was very much engrossed in the event and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The migraine seemed to diminish though I know I wasn’t at my best.

Still, something came up for me during the visualisation where we met the radiant being which turns out to be our future selves. Although I didn’t fully participate in it as I was trying to keep alert to make sure everything and everyone was ok I couldn’t help but be drawn in by Kate’s powerful visualisation.

As I sat there I felt strongly that I had began something which was exactly what my future self was doing and it felt fantastic. I felt the emotions rising and tears welled up – when that happens I know I’ve hit a truth.

This is what I should be doing.

It gave me great joy to have brought Healers Konnect to life, despite the inevitable ups and downs, it was so worth it.

I loved the fact that everyone engaged in the process.

Basket full of wisdomAt one point we sat in the circle and wrote down the words of wisdom and encouragement we felt and wanted to share and placed them in the open basket. This basket will come to every session with me and be there as a resource for all of us to be reminded of our inner wisdom.

Closed basket of obstaclesWe also invited everyone to write down their obstacles, the things that stand in their way, and place it in the closed basket.

When we lit the candles to anchor our intentions it was a very special time. There was a reverence, quiet, and it was a joy to be part of it. I loved seeing how some people lit each other’s candles – it embodied my vision for Healers Konnect and brought it to life.

As well as lighting candles for each of us we had a few spare. A few people chose to light candles for us as a group and for the world. Again it was a wonderful moment that I will treasure.

At the end I invited everyone to spend some time to write out a day in the life of their future self to help to anchor in their intention.

Eventually we packed up and put everything back where it belonged. We spoke to several people about the event and how it went and were really happy with the general outcome.

Almost time to go home and collapse!

I finally remembered to get my camera out… just as people had left and others were in the kitchen area. I’m grateful that those who were left pulled together so I could at least get a picture from the event, though it really doesn’t represent what actually happened!

Healers Konnect Jan 2016


Kate and I had a debrief session when we’d tidied up after the event.

As it turns out we both needed some time to recover from our respective health challenges of the day.

Funny how both of us didn’t inform the other that we weren’t well.

We’d both decided to just carry on and go with it regardless. And despite all the challenges, we did it.

And overall it went well.

Yes, there were lots of ‘mistakes’, things that weren’t perfect, but at the end of the day we just have to take action and do it, even when things go wrong or aren’t perfect.

Sometimes the messiest stuff happens behind the scenes but as they say “the show goes on” and it works.

It reminds me of giving birth. It can be hard work, painful at times and messy but so worth it in the end.

I thought it may be interesting to describe not just what happened building up to the event but the costs involved too.

A couple of points worth noting:

I’m listing the monetary costs, however, a lot of my time has been spent on this too which I haven’t accounted for. Spending my time on this means I’m not spending my time on paid activities so it’s an important consideration!

I also designed the flyers to include all the dates for 2016.

The dates are set, booked in with the Natural Health Centre, and I have booked guests for specific dates so these are all immovable.

This allows me to print 1 set of flyers to last for the year – another consideration for costs.

Most was done for free but here’s a more detailed breakdown.

* Logo – free (not strictly free as I skill swap with Saif so this was 2 hrs work I will repay. Also this 2 hrs was based upon the many previous hours work done on my logo which was the inspiration for the new one)
* Design of the flyer – free (my time and Jane’s, plus the software I already have)
250 A5 flyers printed and delivered – £22

* Emails to my list – could have been free but I pay for my email provider £3.56
* Personal emails – free
* Social media posts – free
* Eventbrite – free
* Article in Reconnect magazine – free
* Flyer in Greenlife £1
* Flyer in Sacks £1
* Flyer in the laundry mat £1

* Room hire – free as we agreed to collect donations instead
* Candles, pens, note paper, baskets, matches, scarves, plate – most were brought from home by Kate and I, but I bought the candles, matches, pens and note paper – £7.67

* Car park (meeting Kate, visiting the Centre) £5
* Teas (from meeting with Kate) £5 approx

Total costs
Approx £46.23

The Future of Healers Konnect

I’m incredibly grateful for all the people who have become excited at my vision for Healers Konnect and who have willingly helped me to get it going.


It’s been suggested that I should consider another venue or increase the number of sessions but I made a commitment to run 10 sessions of Healers Konnect at the Natural Health Centre in 2016 – one a month except for April and August to allow for holiday time and I’m sticking with that.

I do have plans to grow and increase the impact of Healers Konnect this year which I will share as they come into being.

For the next session on Feb 5th I’ve opened up space for 25 people to come along as I think that’ll be a good number that will suit the room for the Q&A format.

Many people who attended referred to the event as a workshop. It’s not intended to be a workshop though I understand that the first session was a bit workshop-like.

My intention is to build a community of healers and therapists who wish to authentically build their business, whilst feeling supported along that journey and feeling that they are not alone.

It isn’t meant to replace a workshop on a specific topic, nor group or individual coaching.

There are and will be other opportunities for this type of work if you are interested in it from me and other guests or members of Healers Konnect.

These gatherings are about being seen and being valued, and perhaps shifting your mindset from anti-business to embracing the fact that whatever healing work you do, you are in the business of sales and marketing or you simply don’t have a business.

I’ll leave the final words to Nina Anowa who summed up what I intended to create and deliver perfectly:

Nina's quoteFuture

On reflection I’d like to begin and end each year with a ceremony to give all of us Konnectors a time and opportunity to reflect on our achievements and challenges throughout the current year and our vision and goals for the new year.

For the months in-between i.e. February – November I will continue to invite guests to come along and answer questions from our Konnectors to help them move forwards, enabling them to become their best selves.

I will also include plenty of opportunity for networking to help each of us find allies, friends and support within our community.

Also during some reflection time after our visualisation, which for many of us was a powerful experience, I have developed the following steps which I hope is an easy way to guide us from where we are to where we choose to be.

The Healers Konnect 5 SHINING STEPS

1. See your light
2. Step into your light
3. Savour your light
4. Shine your light
5. Share your light

Healers Konnect 5 Shining Steps

Online community

I’m making plans to develop a website for Healers Konnect and launch in the summer.

I’m really excited about the new ideas for it which have come through discussion with Jacqui Hodgson.

More about what that will look like later!

I’d also like to create a Facebook group as a way to encourage Konnectors to keep in touch and help support each other.

What to expect in future sessions

I’d like to invite Konnectors to participate in the opening and closing rituals, leading the body scan at the beginning for example, to make sure we’re all fully present.

This feels more in alignment with creating community than me leading it as I see my role as creating the space for this to happen and holding the vision.

I will ask if the Konnectors that were at the previous meeting did the homework.

For the first session I suggested we write out a day in the life of our future self, put it somewhere prominent and read it every day.

I’ll be interested to hear from those who did it and what impact it’s had for them.

It may seem simple, but it’s a powerful motivator. It helps us keep going and reminds us what’s at stake when life gets in the way.

And finally for those Konnectors looking for more…

Transformational Marketing

Inviting healers and therapists to enjoy selling and marketing is how I’ve developed my Transformational Marketing Coaching Method.

It’s the work I feel called to do; my soul work.

I LOVE to see potential, to guide transformation and I also LOVE marketing and small business.

I believe they can be such forces for good, and the more good people that make use of them the better this world will be.

The more clients you have the more healing you can do, so the healthier the world will be.

The more money you earn the more you can support ethical organisations and causes, and so the better the world will be.

It really is a win/win/win as far as I can see, don’t you think so too?

How to Get More Clients

During and after the session I received questions from Konnectors about how they could work with me. Some also wanted a more structured practice to develop their business which goes beyond what Healers Konnect is capable of offering.

If this sounds like you and now is the right time then I’d like to invite you to apply to join my very small pilot group of Konnectors in the How to Get More Clients programme.

Built upon my many years experience, the group workshops I’ve delivered and individual coaching I’ve done with private clients, I’ve developed a 3 month programme which I plan to pilot at the end of February. It’ll run in Totnes and will be a mixture of online modules and group and individual coaching.

It’s a step-by-step programme that includes all the essential elements you need to get more clients without overwhelming you and done in a supportive way with others to share the journey with.

Once I’d written out the 5 Shining Steps for Healers Konnect I realised that they fit perfectly with the 5 elements of my How To Get More Clients Coaching programme – Strategy, Mindset, Self-care, Productivity and Tactics!

I love synchronicity and being in alignment 🙂

See your light = Strategy
Step into your light = Mindset
Savour your light = Self-care
Shine your light = Productivity
Share your light = Tactics

You will be expected to commit fully.

Because it’s a pilot group I will need your feedback so that I can adjust, alter and create as we go through the process so that you get exactly what you need in order to achieve the promise of the title – to get more clients!

I guarantee that if you fully commit and follow through you will get more clients 🙂

If you feel a stirring within and now is the right time then let me know.

I will be providing more information about it soon and will again ask for applications to fill the remaining few spots.

It’s important to me that I get the right number and mix of participants.

You can be a newly qualified healer with no experience or a practitioner with decades of experience or anything in between.

The principles I teach can be successfully applied wherever you are on the spectrum.

I look forward to seeing you shine 🙂


Karen Hunt: Creator of the Transformational Marketing Method and How to Get More Clients. Founder of Healers Konnect.


  • natalie

    Reply Reply January 28, 2016

    Hi Karen
    I am interested in your pilot scheme. Thank you for sharing your journey and experience – a very interesting and helpful read. Reminded me how much I love ceremony and the nurtured feeling I get from it, thank you.
    See you next week and looking forward to it.
    Hope you are now in good health.

    • Karen Hunt

      Reply Reply January 28, 2016

      Hi Natalie,
      Thank you so much for the kind words and I’m happy you enjoyed the ceremony. Looking forward to seeing you next week and I’ll be in touch about the pilot soon too, and yes, thank you, I’m very well again now 🙂
      Karen x

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