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Recently I’ve had a few requests from people who’d like some help with their marketing. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to help as I’ve been pretty occupied with my new business. However, I had such a good time at the last Healers Konnect when I was the “guest” that I’ve wanted to offer something that is low cost and effective.

So I’d like to introduce you to the Open Marketing Surgery. Another hybrid idea of mine – part workshop, part 1:1, part group, and let’s throw in, part networking šŸ˜‰

This is for small business owners, healers or therapists who need some help with any aspect of marketing.

Eventbrite - Open Marketing Surgery, REconomy Centre, Totnes, July 15th 2016

What is an Open Marketing Surgery?

  • A flexible approach to getting the help you need to grow your business
  • A 1 – 3 hours session depending on the number of participants
  • Min. 2 Max. 12 participants
  • A hybrid workshop/1:1/group session
  • No set agenda – YOU and YOUR NEEDS set the agenda
  • No useless jargon or business/marketing speak to learn
  • Learn what you need to do, how to do it and get feedback on it

What can you expect?

  • Join other wonderful heart-centered business owners who are ready to transform their business
  • Get your specific questions answered like you would in a 1:1 session without the high price tag
  • Actually do the work during the session so you can walk away with it done!
  • No more wasting time guessing what you should do or what will work – get help from your peers and a marketing expert who understands your business approach

What could you do in the session?

  • Decide what to focus on to get your business started
  • Create a 1 page marketing plan
  • Finally choose which social media channel to use
  • Create an advert
  • Write copy for your website
  • Clarify who your customers are
  • Gain more confidence so you can step up and be seen without fear
  • Learn how to sell without feeling sleazy
  • The list is endless!!!


  • 15th July 1pm – 4pm (length of timeĀ depends on no. of participants)
  • REconomy Centre, Totnes
  • Ā£25 per person (paid online or in cash on the day)

Eventbrite - Open Marketing Surgery, REconomy Centre, Totnes, July 15th 2016

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Karen Hunt

Creator of the Transformational Marketing Method, How to Get More Clients and Healers Konnect, the unique business club for healers and therapists, based in Totnes, Devon, UK

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