How to get more clients and customers

In preparation for the Marketing Club this week, I sat down and brainstormed a few ideas on our topic: How to get more clients and customers.

Here’s what I came up with.

  • speak for free at an event
  • contact someone you admire with a related business and see if you can brainstorm ideas – maybe you can do something together?
  • create something for free and give it away
  • email list – build the list!
  • contact everyone you know and remind them what you do – who you serve, why you do it and what the results are (use your elevator pitch!)
  • contact past clients for testimonials – reminds them who you are and offer them a special deal
  • ask past and existing clients to refer you to a friend – offer them something special as a thank you
  • make a list of hot prospects and contact them
  • make a list of publications that serve your niche and start building relationships with them – call, email, like and follow them on social media
  • write an article and post it on your blog/website and link to it on Twitter and Facebook
  • search Twitter for #yourkeywords and offer help to tweeps
  • make a list of VIPs in your industry and build a relationship/connect with them. How can you help them? If you can offer them and their audience something of value then you may pick up some of their peeps
  • make a list of events you could attend. Can you help the organisers? Make friends with them
  • make sure you have biz cards, postcards, flyers etc and use them!
  • create a win/win with local shops, businesses – offer a referral fee for new business
  • offer to host an event for a complementary business e.g. massage therapist and hairdresser
  • focus an hour a day on it – you’ll be surprised how much you can do if you block out the time on the calendar – schedule it in just like you would a client. Take it seriously, after all the client is you 😉
  • run a competition and make sure you offer a relevant prize – not something generally popular like an iPad!
  • join a mastermind group and ask for their help and ideas
  • advertise in your local shops
  • put up flyers around town
  • update your branding, design, website and tell people about it
  • use your skills and volunteer for a cause you believe in
And then I made a word cloud 🙂

Word cloud made with WordItOut

There will be plenty of time at the Club to discuss these and other ideas, so if you’re around on Thursday, come along to the REconomy Centre for some inspiration, connection and accountability, and let’s get you some more clients or customers!

Eventbrite - Marketing Club: Getting more clients/customers, Totnes, 26 March 2015

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Karen Hunt

Creator of the Transformational Marketing Method, How to Get More Clients and Healers Konnect, the unique business club for healers and therapists, based in Totnes, Devon, UK


  • Abbi

    Reply Reply March 27, 2015

    Hi Karen,

    Thank you for this, it was so useful.

    With a new business, every little tip helps!

    Kind regards,


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