Do this 1 thing to beat that ‘yucky’ feeling

Yucky selling!

I know, you hate selling!

But, your business isn’t a business unless you focus on sales.

Selling what you do shouldn’t feel ‘yucky’!

What you do is good. You’re good at it and you’re benefitting others aren’t you?

You’re not overcharging and under-delivering, so you need to shift your mind set.

And remember, you don’t have to ‘sell’.

If you use authentic, truthful marketing then sales are a natural consequence of that.

So what is this 1 thing you can do so you’ll never feel ‘yucky’ about selling again?

Create your mission, write it down and put it somewhere prominent. Read it, with feeling(!), every day, especially when you start feeling those pesky doubts and yucky feelings surface!

Do this for at least 30 days and you’ll feel that inner shift take place and then you’ll realise that you don’t have those horrible doubts any more. Yay!

I help you create your mission, vision and story in my branding workshop and upcoming email course but if you need some inspiration get in touch or have a look at the companies, individuals or other organisations you admire and see what they do.

When you can articulate what you do beyond yourself, as something that benefits more people it helps you to keep going when self-doubt creeps in!

Good luck and let me know how you get on.
Karen x

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Karen Hunt

Creator of the Transformational Marketing Method, How to Get More Clients and Healers Konnect, the unique business club for healers and therapists, based in Totnes, Devon, UK

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