Avoid This Bad Social Media Habit (And What To Do Instead)

How to create content

One of the worst social media mistakes is to spend your time consuming instead of creating

It takes seconds to glance through your Facebook newsfeed or scroll through a web page, however, consuming information will not help you grow your business as much as creating information.

The best content is not quick and easy to make.

It takes time. So you need to take time to create your own content. Most people don’t bother. Most people will share other people’s content rather than spending the time to create their own.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still fine, and a good idea, to share other people’s content, however, don’t get into the habit of only sharing other stuff.

And, when you’re posting as a business, keep in mind the question:

“How would my ideal client feel about this?”

Just because it’s quick and easy to post stuff – don’t!

Posting “Happy Tuesday!” may be fine to post occasionally, but it’s hardly going to help grow your business.

So how do you create content?

Let’s start with the easier stuff.

  1. Schedule time for “content creation”. Make it a regular slot, like 1 afternoon a month, or even a week, depending on how much content you need to create.
  2. Think of some ideas for creating content that won’t take too long. Regular slots each week or month are ideal e.g. a monthly newsletter; a weekly blog post; a regular Q&A session on Twitter on Tuesdays 7-8pm;  a regular “link your page and tell us about yourself” post on Facebook.
  3. Use your knowledge of the problems or situations your customers or clients face and write content that will help them whilst positioning you as an expert in your area.
  4. I bet you can think of some common misconceptions or myths that you always have to deal with when you talk to people about what you do, can’t you? Well, write about them and this will serve you in more ways than one. Not only will it get shared, but you can point prospective clients to it when it comes up in your sales cycle, which will save you time later.

 What about the medium?

You may be wondering, “Should I write, use images, audio or video for my content?

I’ll address this is more detail another time, but as a guide, don’t feel pressured into ‘having’ to create content in a medium you’re not comfortable with. You really don’t have to do audio if you hate speaking. If you struggle to write but are happy in front of a camera then use video. Unless you run a large business, it’s far more important to do well in 1 or 2 areas than trying to do it all and being miserable!

So, tell me, what are your regular content creation strategies and tips? Have you got any or are you going to have a go? Leave a comment and let me know. I’d love to hear from you!

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