What my clients say...


"When I first signed up for the workshop, I was aiming to understand marketing and how to address it. I didn't think it would be that detailed, and that it would change my perception to approach my target market.

The workshop gave me a better understanding of my potential clients, their needs, expectations and what appeals to them, and finally how to approach them and speak their language. Listening to other people's answers was very inspiring, and I learned also from doing the one-to-one sessions with other attendees, as it gave me the chance to be challenged and also to listen to feedback, as I felt it was rushed towards the end. I would've loved it if we had more time to explore things in more details. In short, I would absolutely recommend attending one of Karen’s workshops."

- Saif Ali, Return

"I first heard about the surgery through the TTT newsletter/website. I wanted to get a better idea of how to tackle marketing myself as a counsellor. The session gave me an idea of how to go through the steps for marketing, one by one, and to think of things in the right order. The best, and most useful part of the session, was the individual attention that Karen gave. It gave me time to explore the issue with someone impartial giving me an idea of what the first/next step is. I would definitely recommend working with Karen, and I already have! Because of her approachable nature, I felt at ease talking to her about my business problems."

- Trevor Newton

"I have no marketing experience at all, and was looking for professional advice in that direction. Attending the marketing surgery offered me an angle I hadn't considered or even thought of. The best part of the session was getting the benefit of Karen's general knowledge of her subject applied to my particular needs, in the calmness of a one-to-one session.

After having attended the session, I am more optimistic than I was. I feel less inhibited about the trials of self-promotion, when self-promotion is something some of us don't feel comfortable with. I have already recommended the surgery to someone else, who has booked his place. The one-to-one is the major disinhibiting factor. I look forward to progressing with my business."

- Peter Cowlam, CentreHouse Press

"I was struck by the synchronicity of hearing about Karen’s work at a time I am most ready and most in need of her expertise. I wasn’t sure if I would be a 'fitting' client of hers, but I hoped that she might have a (non-judgemental) understanding of my situation.

When I actually attended the session, my expectations were surpassed! I really appreciated the empathic approach to marketing, and sharing with fellow travelers/others wanting to find the way to healthy business. I really learned a lot. I became energised and inspired, and began to get a taste of what confidence to start launching myself in a business model might be like.

I would definitely recommend attending one of Karen’s workshops. I am just so enormously disappointed that I cannot come to the next workshop on websites. I do hope to be able to have a one to one session with you (Karen) about this subject soon."

- Jo Rotas

"When I first decided to attend the workshop, I was hoping to get some further insight to support setting up my practice. Attending the workshop made me realize that I haven't been very focused and it's probably useful to get more focused! I liked the structure of the workshop, which utilized both written and discussion formats. It was really great to meet others in a similar/different space, have the opportunity to look at marketing in a way I haven't before, and have some focused time to consider the issues.

I would definitely recommend attending one of Karen’s workshops. I found it to be a helpful space, and Karen was a very approachable facilitator."

- Helen Frances

"When I first signed up for this workshop, I was in need of focus & an effective strategy to help me achieve greater clarity & really move forward with identifying my target client group. I definitely felt that through the exercises I was able to create a clearer definition of my ideal client, but also that I need to give the worksheets more time & attention.

I really appreciated the clarity of the format, and receiving the insights & guidance of a marketing professional who has a holistic approach. It was very helpful to share with others, and benefit from their perspectives & experiences.

I would most definitely recommend the workshops to others. They are professionally facilitated without being too formal or intimidating. They are informative & provide tools & strategies to practically work with the specified subject matter. Overall I very much enjoyed & appreciated the workshop."

- Sarah Ash, nourish bodymindsoul

"I was looking for new ideas for marketing my business. The surgery gave me some interesting ideas on things like wording and marketing. The thing I liked most about the session was Karen’s friendly and professional approach. It was also great to make business connections with REconomy and learn about future workshops. I would definitely recommend working with Karen, particularly to businesses that have been established recently."

- Sarah Croft, Inspiring Dreams Achieving Change

"When I first decided to attend the workshop, I was thinking that I need more confidence in marketing myself. I did have doubts as to how I would find my ideal client. I just wanted to feel more at ease when approaching people, because I don't like selling. I am now more optimistic and confident about reaching my ideal clients, without having to do the sales bit. I liked the interactiveness of the workshop, and enjoyed meeting other people in the same boat. I have gained practical knowledge of how to get more information from previous clients so I can learn what their specific needs are. I feel I have more energy for my business. I feel I have learnt a way of understanding the needs of most people at a basic level, and can respond to them with my heart.

I would definitely recommend attending one of Karen’s workshops. I found it very useful for keeping me on track with my business."

- Belinda Bluebell

"When I first booked to attend this workshop, I was hoping to achieve some clarity on direction for advertising. I found that the session was very informative, and led to some soul searching.

I really like that it asked some deeper questions. I would definitely recommend attending the workshop, because it leads to deeper understanding about why people make choices."

- Robin Milne, ecowoodcraft

"I first heard about the workshop when Karen mentioned it at the Totnes Pound launch. I decided to attend, to get some clear advice about where to focus my business. The session was very useful, and very clear. It has enabled me to focus in on a specific area of my work. I originally thought it was going to be a two hour session with a group, but it ended up being 1:1 support - which is far better! The questions Karen asked beforehand really helped to focus the session, and she responded in a very supportive way. The session clarified things for me. It gave me a deadline to work to and I came away with a plan! I would definitely recommend working with Karen, for the reasons described above."

- Mark Jefferys, Institute for Earth Education

"When I first heard about the marketing surgery, I was thinking that; 1. 'this is timely', as it's good to start thinking about marketing, long before any selling is needed. 2. coming through the REconomy Centre, it's likely to be relevant to a renewable energy business. 3. it's not an area of activity with which I am most comfortable, so I see it as a potential weakness to be strengthened.

The ideas presented were much wider-ranging than I had thought. Listening to others wrestling with their own issues, also gave me some wider insight to some of the processes involved. In particular, I appreciated the opportunity to share ideas and plans which have been quite private up until now, which helps it seem more real, and do-able. It was an opportunity to look at the fundamental ideas behind a project or enterprise, and see where we are, in a mutually open and supportive way. It has highlighted the number of potential allies I have. There is a focus on identifying the ideal client, and how to reach them, so we value ourselves, and our effort, and work with people who will value what we do.

I would recommend the workshop, because it's a good opportunity to begin by exploring the fundamental motivations we have, before becoming more focussed on what we want to achieve. A good level of support, and encouragement, was balanced with challenge."

- Harry Jennings, Hedge Chunkers

"I was looking for some new ideas about marketing my business, as I haven't reviewed my marketing for a while. By attending the surgery I was able to develop more confidence and ideas about how to update my image, and promote myself to the outside.

The thing I liked most about the session was the idea of it being time to 'rebrand' myself as more me, by joining together my 2 websites, being told by an outsider that these two worlds can join and that it can work for me to be more me (can't wait). It gave me increased confidence to be who I am and that is what's unique and good about me. And it gave me some additional ways forward with the offered workshops. I hope they happen and that I can make them. I would definitely recommend working with Karen. I especially liked that she took the time to do background research before the session, which made it very relevant."

- Klaudia van Gool, Klaudia van Gool

"I had identified that writing about myself and what I do was a real sticking point for me, and hoped to get some help and guidance with this issue so I could move forward with my marketing.

After attending the session, I came to the conclusion that if I ask myself the right questions and really go into depth, the words will probably flow. I found that it was good to set aside some time to specifically focus on marketing. The one on one support really helped to focus me. I also picked up a few tips re: thinking from the the customer’s point of view and testimonials. The pre meeting questions were really stimulating and helped me get specific. It felt like the beginning of a positive structured journey. And overall, it was good to have an independent viewpoint and feedback. I would recommend the surgery if you are ready to get analytic about your business and really want to start dedicating some time to marketing.

I've taken Karen’s advise and started working on the road map questions. Thank You so much, Karen, for offering your time and expertise the other week. Please do keep me informed of the workshops you mentioned. Best Wishes, Lynne"

- Lynne Parker, Oasis Float and Therapy Centre

"I first heard about the marketing surgery through TTT (Transition Town Totnes). I was hoping to get a better understanding of the social media available for marketing purposes, and a few tips on personal development in the business world. Obviously 30 minutes is not enough time to go into any depth. What was offered instead was a number of well thought out ideas targeted specifically for our project for me to take away and develop.

It was a reminder of how important it is to realise that it's easy to take on too much in a small organisation but that it's far better when possible, to use the services of an experienced professional to kick start things in the right way.

I took away a few ideas that I can work on which will help sharpen my focus and aid future planning for the project. And it was great to make a new friend in the 're- economy.'

I would definitely recommend working with Karen. She is very professional, personable, and made excellent use of the 30 minutes available. I think my project, Food in Community, would benefit greatly from a more thorough session."

- David Markson, Food in Community

"I came to the marketing surgery to understand what people need to set up a business and to see how skill sharing works. I was impressed by the range of business ideas presented and came to think about my own marketing strategy.

What I liked most about the sessions I observed was the targeted and carefully formulated feedback. The clear discussion of the next steps to take which were explained thoroughly and seemed to be feasible for the individuals concerned. Plus the good intuition regarding the individual requirements. I also found it beneficial to attend to learn about an adequate feedback culture and patience.

I would definitely recommend working with Karen. I think your skills and competence are really useful and go beyond marketing advice, since you are able to also outline a strategy and have a clear idea of what makes sense. I already mentioned you to two people from TTT as a real asset for the movement.”

- Prof. Dr. Martina Wegner, University of Munich

"I attended the marketing surgery for help to develop a marketing plan for our business. I came away with some ideas for the next session. We didn't have much time but at least I managed to explain what is my business about. It made me think about our vision and mission, and to have a clear picture about our potential clients. I found out about the workshops that I think that will be useful for me. I think the surgery is a great idea and I would recommend it to every person who is starting a business. I am very grateful that this kind of initiatives exist in Totnes, and they should be in more places."

- Maria Belen Paredes Del Prado, EcoMind Travel

“I had doubts about marketing which for me is a turn-off word, but I trusted that what you were offering was different. As a result of working with you I found that some things I already knew and implemented about marketing, but that I had more confidence about doing them.  I learnt stuff about myself and what I do and don't want to do in terms of marketing, what I can manage myself and what I can pass on to someone else.  There is actually a lot more that I can do than I thought!

I really liked your personal approach.  It felt as if I was human, and that you could hear and respond to my anxieties and needs.  This is human as against a 'product'. I found some confidence with IT and got some structure for approaching marketing of my skills.

I did also enjoy meeting and sharing with other practitioners (networking I suppose, but that's another concept I shy away from, and it didn't seem like networking). I would recommend working with you in the way that I worked with you.  Mainly because of your approachability and, as I said before, your ability to listen.”

- Biddy Mayo, Creative Kinesiologist

"I came to the marketing surgery hoping to get a better understanding of marketing. I got some good ideas that might be implemented to create a more marketing focused lead generating website.

The session also gave me a few ideas as to what direction I should develop my marketing strategy direction - using social media marketing.

I like that the session was personalised towards my business - just a little bit on the next steps and what you can offer. I also appreciated that you had done a bit of homework by visiting my website. It’s given me some ideas going forward that I could ‘progress’ myself. Another benefit of attending was being able to meet someone I thought I could work with.

As a free marketing taster, I couldn’t fault it and on that basis I could recommend the marketing surgery and working with you. I enjoyed the session and am intending to book another session with you.”

- Mark Lemesurier, Spotlight training

"I wanted clarity about how to reach my potential clients and make them interested in what I offer. Karen showed me the usefulness of narrowing my "target" and also ideas on how to speak the language of and to connect with my potential clients.

I really liked Karen's focused attention, her care and the clarity of her explanations. The advice given was concise and very practical. It has given me the chance of rethink how I would connect better with my potential clients.

I would recommend seeing her as I think people without experience in marketing (like me) need some support and guidance at the beginning of their enterprise. I am very grateful for your offering of time and skills without charge to beginners in the world of marketing. May you be well and happy :-)"

- Ramiro Ortega, Mindfulness Trainer

"I booked to see Karen as I hoped to get some tips on starting up a graphic design business in Totnes, and also check out the idea of starting up a local herb growing/ tea project (community interest company)....'communitea' ♡

Karen suggested I consider the possibility of working in tandem with local web designers (as I specialize in print graphics). I'm feeling excited and encouraged about the possibility of setting up/creating a local tea project - and potential support available.

The best bit? I enjoyed meeting Karen 🙂 Warm, kind and offering insight, encouragement and creative ideas for getting started in business locally. It's a great way to explore seed ideas and find a way forward - local knowledge, understanding and experience.

And yes I would recommend booking as I found it really helpful, and encouraging. Moving to a new community, and setting up a freelance graphic business felt a bit daunting!! ...now, I'm excited about it and feel more confident in taking the steps needed to get started. Thank you so much for your time and help, best wishes Jane ♡"

- Jane Knight, Graphic designer

"The reason I booked a place was that I wanted to obtain a clear view of where I should be heading with my novel. I wanted to find out if this type of surgery could help me find that clarity. I found that the basic ideas that I'd had about using social media were correct. The meeting brought order to my chaotic mind and gave me very clear directions to follow.

I most liked the friendly informality and the way in which Karen listened to me. She was adept at homing in on my specific requirements and suggesting ways of achieving those ends. I found several positive directions in which to proceed with marketing my book. I am now confident that if I lose my way, I could always turn to Karen for advice. This is most comforting for someone working on their own.

Yes, I would recommend working with Karen, and I already have - to a fellow writer! Why? Because it did everything it said it would - and more. I would like to say that I came out of the surgery feeling happy and energised - very good for creative minds! Loved it! Can't wait for next month."

- Lesley Broster Kinch, Author

“I wanted to see you to find things I hadn’t spotted as missing in my plans so far. As a result I got a boost in self confidence and I will always ask about funnel of experience for repeat business / activities.

I like the fact that you get straight to the point. The surgery gets you focussed in gathering ideas together, its free and doesn't take up much time. I like that too."

- Hal Gillmore, Big Green Canoe

"Firstly I came to the marketing surgery to meet you, Karen! Secondly, to get some advice re pre-marketing of the business. It was a good sounding board in terms of how my upcoming business could be perceived given the lack of information currently out there and that I'm right to hold fire!

The best thing about the surgery was finally meeting you Karen! It's a great concept if you have a quick query and also, if you're looking for more extensive marketing, help to get a feel for the marketing expert before committing to paying for a service.

I would recommend working with Karen for a number of reasons. She's personable, professional, experienced and approachable."

- Sharon Nelson, The Heart of Totnes

"We were under a big time pressure to start marketing our story nationwide and were hoping that you could help us to become a more professional organisation. We didn’t know who you were or what you did before we met. Jane suggested you could help us, and I knew that you worked with Totnes Pound so I thought you ‘d be a good person.

I thought our session was good. What we did helped me focus on the marketing side of it which I’m not really switched on to. I found it useful to go through all the questions, and look at our ideal client and marketing from that point of view. Especially their hopes and aspirations. We wouldn’t have done that otherwise.

I thought you were very easy to work with, practical and honest. I think it would be useful to have another session with you. And yes I would recommend working with you. You’re a lovely person and have lots of good ideas."

- Alix Riley, TRESOC

“I wanted some ideas on how to spread the word about my Skillshare Project and how to improve it. I imagined it as a one2one session, just as it was. I got some great ideas which I will now implement. It did make a big difference, inspired me and gave me added confidence in some ideas I'd had already.

I liked that I didn't have to explain too much about the project as Karen knew exactly what I needed and that she already had some suggestions lined up. I also liked bumping into people whilst waiting and getting more work done at REconomy centre for the rest of the day.

I'd definitely recommend the surgery and Karen who was professional but friendly, informed and empathetic."

- Sophie Gurung, TTT Skillshare Project

"Before working with you I just didn’t realise how much I didn't know! I had no idea there was such a fund of ideas to help my business, you really opened the door."

- Helen Swan, Natural Health Answers

"I booked to see Karen for some indication that my idea was marketable or a non-starter. What I got was a positive response, enough information to do more research."

- Christine Roberts

“I was nervous about committing to the 'homework' and to the cost of the coaching, which is of course well worth it but initially feels frivolous!

I found I have the resources already but your sessions inspire and awaken those resources. You have such a huge range of different tools that people can choose from to suit their individual needs. Your commitment to me has been unfailing and so supportive.

You have a very calm easy approach which is relaxing and you instil confidence and communicate consistently that you have no doubt in my ability to achieve!

I like your flexible approach and as a working mum you speak and advise from experience. There is a lovely clarity to your sessions that makes it all seem simple and straightforward. They are very grounding and you impart a wealth of experience that both excites and instills confidence.”

- Ali Todd, Reiki healer

"Our session reflected that I am already on track with plans to market my new book and helped me focus more clearly on how to focus my marketing on one ideal client. It will fine tune my publicity in that respect. I liked your gentle manner - no hard sell!"

- Carmella B'Hahn, Heart of Relating

"Since working with you I’ve seen that you have a passion for all things marketing and understand what's missing with clients and their approach."

- Julia Collins, Food & Drink Devon

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