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Step One :

Click the orange button below
 to visit my website (it will look like the image to the left) and click on “Join and Save” in the top menu bar.


Step Two :

Scroll down to the bottom of the next page
 and click on the green “Join doTERRA” button.

Step Three :

 Select your region and click ‘Continue’.

Step Four :

Select “Wholesale Customer” (or “Wellness Advocate” if you want to share the oils lifestyle with others) and then click “Continue”.

Becoming a Wholesale customer or a Wellness Advocate is the smartest way to buy your oils.

Wholesale Customers get 25% off, and although there’s no need to order anything each month you do have the option to do so and if you do you can receive the product of the month FOR FREE as well as earning 10-30% of your orders back in points to invest in bringing even more magical oils into your life!   

Wellness Advocates get all of the above PLUS the ability to earn their own oils for FREE or to build a meaningful income and freedom based lifestyle.

Unless we’ve already talked about you joining as a Wellness Advocate, I suggest you start as a Wholesale Customer first, that way you can get to know and love the oils before you commit to sharing them with others. It’s easy to upgrade to a Wellness Advocate later.

Step Five :

  1. Fill in ALL red starred areas of the form.
  2. Use my ID 4904537 as the Enroller ID and the Sponsor ID.  When you click on “Verify ID” next to each of these you should see my name appear.  Agree to the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the page and click ‘Continue’
  3. Create a password (you’ll use this when you login to your doTERRA back office).
  4. Tick the box to show you agree to the Terms and Conditions
  5. Click on “Continue” at the bottom right of the screen.

Step Six :

Select the Enrolment Kit that will make the biggest impact in your life right now.

You’ve heard of ‘gateway drugs’ haven’t you?  The easy to fall into drugs that lead on to bigger ones?  Well, oils are like ‘gateway magic’. 

You start off with a few oils focusing on one area of your life and before you know it you have removed all sorts of toxins from your life and replaced them with pure plant magic!

Here are a few of your options, if you need help choosing just reach out to me.

My advice is to focus in on what would have the biggest impact for you right now: 

– The Home Essentials Kit (top 10 must have oils + a diffuser) This is the kit I started with and is great value for money – 3x the oil for less than twice the price of the Family Essentials kit.

– The Aromatouch Diffused Kit (Great if you want to shift your mood with oils for massage and diffusing) Comes with oils + a diffuser.

– The Family Essentials and Beadlets Kit (a great introduction of lots of ‘daily staples’ that will transform the health and energy of your family) Contains our favourite 10 oils in small bottles + Peppermint and On Guard beadlets.

– The Natural Solutions Kit (A great kit to start with if you want a total overhaul of your health and home.) Includes 13 of our favourite oils, supplements, shampoo & conditioner, hand wash, toothpaste, beadlets, Lumo diffuser, wooden oils box and more.

Step Seven:

Scroll down to complete your Payment Information before clicking on the “Process Order Now & Continue” button.

Step Eight:

Setting up your Loyalty Rewards Programme (optional but highly recommended)

Next you’ll be taken to a page where you can set up your LRP or Loyalty Rewards Programme.  This is a super generous way to earn free products and points towards free oils by placing a monthly order.  If you already know that you want to commit to making some big changes in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health in your home go for it!

However, if you don’t know know what you want OR you don’t want to order anything else for now, skip this bit and make sure you book in for a 1:1 wellness consult with me.

I’ll make sure you know exactly what you can do with your oils once they arrive. We’ll set you up with a morning, afternoon and evening routine to get the results you’re looking for and we’ll make your “wish list” for the future.

Schedule your Wellness Consult with me by clicking the button below. 

I’m so excited for you!!!