NEW: Marketing Clubs in Totnes @ The REconomy Centre

The Marketing Club

Feeling unsure what marketing you should do?  Would you like some support and know you’re not alone?  Meet with others in your industry I’m running a brand NEW Marketing Club at the REconomy Centre, Totnes, in addition to the Marketing Surgeries and Workshops. Local entrepreneurs are invited to come along to the Marketing Club for help, advice and support, tailored to their particular industry. The series launches with clubs for those in the health and wellbeing business; food-based businesses; land-based businesses and those who work in the training industry. Book your place and come along with your questions. The Club will run to benefit you so we’ll tailor it to meet your…

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Marketing Workshops in Totnes @REconomy Centre

Marketing Workshops @ REconomy Centre, Totnes

Marketing Workshops in Totnes @ REconomy Centre I’m delighted to be running a series of 5 marketing workshops at the REconomy Centre in Totnes over the coming months. We’ll be addressing your most pressing marketing challenges in these transformational workshops. Places are strictly limited, and in the spirit of the REconomy Centre, are offered on a donation basis. £25 or t£21 is a suggested donation, with 10% of proceeds to go to REconomy. To get the most out of each 3 hour workshop you will be sent a worksheet to complete before the session. This gives you a chance to really think about the issues before you come along and so…

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Avoid This Bad Social Media Habit (And What To Do Instead)

How to create content

One of the worst social media mistakes is to spend your time consuming instead of creating It takes seconds to glance through your Facebook newsfeed or scroll through a web page, however, consuming information will not help you grow your business as much as creating information. The best content is not quick and easy to make. It takes time. So you need to take time to create your own content. Most people don’t bother. Most people will share other people’s content rather than spending the time to create their own. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still fine, and a good idea, to share other people’s content, however, don’t get into…

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The dangers of relying on word of mouth to build your business

The dangers of relying on word of mouth to build your business - See more at:

Why you shouldn’t rely on word of mouth to build and grow your business You may think that there’s nothing better than attracting new business by word of mouth, but getting business like this can be a lot more trouble than you think. Why? I shall explain, but first, just to be clear, I’m talking about naturally occurring word of mouth business, not Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) or Word of Mouth Advertising which is a specific type of marketing that’s created by a business in such a way as to attract and maintain new business. WOMM is a fabulous and generally low-cost way to market your business, that most…

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How to offer ‘FREE’ sessions that move to ‘FEE’ when you’re a coach, consultant, health practitioner or other service based business

How to offer ‘FREE’ sessions that move to ‘FEE’ when you’re a coach, consultant, health practitioner or other service based business - See more at:

When to offer something for free for a service based business There’s an art to doing ‘free’. It’s easy to get it wrong so here are some pointers for you. If you’re just starting out then a free session, either in full or a taster of whatever you do can be a great way to get your foot in the door. You can make some new contacts which can lead to: real paying clients referrals testimonials – crucial for ‘social proof’ understanding who your ideal client is I recommend doing this for either/or a set period of time e.g. 6 weeks a set number of new clients e.g. first 12 clients a short,…

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